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Recently my wife and I made it back to Sunergos to try coffee brewed in the Chemex brewer. The picture at the left is of their new location that is still being remodeled on Woodland Ave. We are looking forward to going there when it opens. You remember from an earlier post, “Can You Smell the Coffee?”, that we like to go out on dates to local coffee shops. One of our favorite coffee shops is Sunergos. One time while we were there we noticed two different coffee brewers. Our plan was to try the same type of coffee in both a French Press and a Chemex brewer to see which one we like best. We are also thinking about getting one of the brewers for home use. About a week and a half ago we tried Blend B in a French Press.

So we went back and ordered Blend B in the Chemex brewer. There were different people working on this day then when we first tried the French Press. They were still friendly and helpful. We had some different questions because the two brewers are so different.  First I wanted to know what the Blend B was. Blend B is a medium roast of Central and South American beans. It’s a little bolder than I typically think of a medium roast being. It is a very good blend. Both of us liked it. We would definitely buy this blend for home use.

If you are not familiar with a Chemex brewer you can see it here It’s a glass coffee brewer and the filter fits in the top of it. You put your ground coffee in the filter. After bringing your water to a boil you let it sit a little. Then pour a little water over the grind to open up the ground coffee. Wait about thirty seconds before pouring more water slowly into the filter opening and letting it work its way down into the brewer. Add more water until you get to the desired level.

Let me tell you that this was one of the best cups of coffee we have had. It was very clean tasting. No grit or oils in the cup. It was bold and smooth.  The Chemex brewed coffee tastes very different than the French Press brewed coffee. They both taste good, but they are very different. Both my wife and I preferred the coffee brewed in the Chemex. If you have never tried coffee in either of these brewers I highly recommend it. I’m sure the staff at Sunergos would be glad to brew a pot for you.

One day we will have to try both of these brewing methods at home against our auto drip machine. That would be a pretty good reason to have some of our friends over too. It could be a coffee brewing and drinking taste test with some of our favorite coffees.  Sounds like a plan. And yes, I am looking forward to our next date to a local coffee shop!

Can You Smell The Coffee?

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If you are a coffee drinker, you know that there is just something about the smell of coffee. I like having a coffee maker with a timer because I can smell the brewed coffee in the morning when I get up and its ready for me and my wife. I usually buy whole bean and grind it as we use it. Sometimes we’ll make a cup in the afternoon too, mostly regular, but sometimes decaf. I like dark roast coffees best, but I’ll try lighter roasts. I don’t drink flavored coffees; just give me regular coffee, strong, not bitter, with one teaspoon of honey and a little cream. Man, I’m looking forward to tomorrow morning already.

So my wife and I like to go on a date and try different coffee shops. We will visit them, see what their daily brews are and pick one to have. We have been in just about every coffee shop in Louisville. We like to see how the staff interacts with us so we usually ask them questions about the coffees and their store. We like to sit down enjoy the coffee, watch the people and talk with one another. One of the coffee shops we really like is Sunergos. They are located at 2122 South Preston Street ( We like their coffee so much we buy the beans to make it at home. Sometimes though we just like to go there, sit down and enjoy the coffee.

My wife likes to look at the art they have hanging on the walls and we like the eclectic mix of furniture. The staff is friendly and helpful. Saturday we tried what they call Blend B in a French Press. The coffee was stronger than being brewed in an auto drip machine. It had more of the coffee oils and grit in it then we are used too, but it was pretty good. In about a week we are going back to try the same blend in a Chemex brewer. We want to see how the coffee tastes with that brewing style. We are trying both of these because we are interested in purchasing one for home use. The staff helped us by answering any question we had. It was an enjoyable coffee drinking experience.

We’ll definitely keep buying Sunergos coffee and brewing it at home. We’ll go to other coffee shops, but I know we’ll be back to Sunergos. We appreciate the products they sell and the friendliness of the staff. If you want some good coffee, go to Sunergos. I don’t think you will be disappointed. You can find them online at: .  I posted this recommendation because we like supporting local small businesses. Oh yea, the date was good too! I’m looking forward to the next one we take to another coffee shop.

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