Just a Great Commercial

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My oldest son first told me about this commercial. He saw it before I did and he liked it and thought I would like it also. The question is; “Does a former drill sergeant make a terrible therapist?” The answer is; “Heck no!” We enjoy watching it when we see it. I am posting a link to it this week in honor of the Marines 235th birthday and Veterans Day. I hope you enjoy the commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhlWddAXSRA.

Bill (a fellow laborer)

Romans 15:13

Pray For the Unemployed

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There are a lot of people who are unemployed or in danger of losing their jobs. Recently I saw a news report that 44% of adults have been experienced unemployment. I hope I heard that wrong. The other report that I heard was that the majority of the unemployed, about 70% are men. Most of these men who are unemployed want to work but can’t find jobs. If they find jobs they don’t make as much and/or they don’t get a job that they are qualified for.

I don’t want to get into gender issues, but men need to work to really feel like men. A good man wants to work and earn a living if he is physically and mentally capable. It’s part of being a man. A working man, whether white or blue collar doesn’t want to collect unemployment, he wants to work and provide for his family. He will even take a job where he is underemployed and undervalued just to work.

You may know some men like this. They may be discouraged and tired. They may be close to being depressed thinking the situation will never change. If you watch the news the job outlook is not too good. But there is a God who created men with a desire to work and to provide and He knows the problem and the answer. So let’s take the time to pray for men to be able to find jobs so they can provide for their families. Let’s join our faith and intercede with for:

  1. These hard economic times to help us humble ourselves before God (1 Pet. 5:6-7).
  2. Good jobs to become available in spite of this bad economy.
  3. Men who want to work to find good work so they can provide for their families.
  4. Families of the unemployed to overcome difficulty and grow in hope (Rom. 4:17, 20-21).
  5. The Church to step up and view these times as opportunities to minister in tangible ways.
  6. Men who do not want to work to come under the conviction of the Holy Spirit.
  7. All of God’s children, the employed and unemployed to be thankful (1 Thes. 5:16-18).
  8. God’s children to give generously and joyfully whatever their circumstances (2 Cor. 8:1-9; 9:8).

There have been difficult times in the past and there will be difficult times again in the future. But God is faithful! Let us be faithful also. Let’s pray and trust God to do what only He can do. Thank you for praying, it does make a difference.

Much grace and peace to you,

Bill (a fellow-laborer)

Romans 15:13

(Psalm 50:23) He who sacrifices thank offerings honors Me, and he prepares the way so that I may show him the salvation of God.

Five More Movies Every Guy Should Watch

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Last Saturday I gave you my top 5 movies that I think every guy should watch. There is an honorable mention to my list. I like to watch these movies and I think every guy would benefit from watching them; they just aren’t in my top 5. But they are close. Now for the honorable mention.

The Bourne Identity: Some great fight scenes. I never get tired of watching the guy rappel through the window into Jason’s apartment. A great fight scene follows. Bourne #3 is pretty good too.

Jeremiah Johnson: there is just something about this movie that sticks with me. The outdoor scenes, surviving the elements, the love that develops for his woman and the boy. Then when he realizes the mistake he made and what happens next.

Defiance: based on a true story from World War II. I’ve watched this twice already. The endurance and will to survive among these people is amazing. It truly is an amazing test of will and love and hope.

Behind Enemy Lines: loosely based on a true story. A test of character and a will to survive and overcome obstacles. It gets your heart pumping.

Gran Torino: I’ve only seen it once but it sticks with you. The main character does a lot of changing even though he does not want to. It has some great subplots like, cross-cultural and inter-cultural communication and interaction; cross-generational interaction and an older man helping a boy become a man. There is some rough language in it, but the realism is something else. The ending will stick with you.

This is part of my honorable mention. I think every guy would like these movies. You may not learn something in each one, but they would hold your attention. But there are still some other movies out there that every man should watch. Hey guys, what about the 3 Stooges? Where do they rank or are they in a category all their own? I like Moe, Larry and Curley the best.

If you need to relax and you’re not into college or pro basketball these movies could be a good alternative. Relax, get a snack and have some fun. Then get back to taking care of business and live life to the fullest.

GRACE to you,

Bill  (a fellow-laborer)

(Romans 15:13)

Wimps, Wildmen, and Warriors (part 2)

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I think men fall into one of these three categories. Each type results from both a way of thinking and behavioral choices. A man can grow out of the first two types or fall out of the third type depending on a few things. A man may think he is one type, but his words and actions may show that he is another type. Sadly, sometimes men settle for far less than the ideal.

I don’t want to be overly critical as I present my views. As long as Jesus is Lord there is hope for change and growth in maturity. This may be somewhat painful for some readers. But a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Let’s look at it as if we are rescuing some men who have potential. So, what’s a wimp? Is “wimp” even in the dictionary?

Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary has this entry for Wimp: Pronunciation: \`wimp\; Function: noun; Etymology: origin unknown; date: 1920; a weak, cowardly, or ineffectual person. Wimp out: Function: intransitive verb; Date: 1981; to behave like a wimp, to chicken out; especially to choose the easiest course of action.

From these definitions we could say that a wimp is a weak, cowardly man. He is ineffectual, chickens out and looks for the easy decision and/or course of action. It doesn’t sound like he would build confidence in others. It also doesn’t sound like you would want to follow someone like this. So what might be some characteristics of a wimpy man?

First, I think a wimp is a whiner. A wimp will always have something to whine about. They will even find a reason to criticize another man’s success. Second, they play the blame game. Wimps are irresponsible and have to have someone or something to blame for their problems. Of course it’s not their fault!

 Next, wimps are fearful of risks. They are the kind of guys who won’t honestly tell you what they think at the beginning of a project. But let something go wrong and they will tell you all the reasons they knew it would never work. They fear active involvement. If something does not work out they don’t want to get blamed.

They also look for the easy way out. They will avoid sacrifice and loss of comfort regardless of the cost to personal integrity. When looking for guidance they find answers in the easy way. The easier the better and more peace to them or so they think.

Lastly, they are afraid of being found out. They sense that there is something they want to be like, but they are afraid of the responsibility of masculinity. They are afraid of real men or warriors. Wimps don’t like to be challenged. They don’t necessarily like to lose but they are willing to lose masculinity for personal comfort.

Real men, real warriors can spot a wimp. They can hear the wimp’s whine. They can see the wimp’s behavior. The real man balances tenderness with toughness. He balances compassion with courage. The warrior is willing to serve and sacrifice. A warrior can lift someone up or stoop down to help someone out. A real man is humble and can give credit away, yet he is also ambitious and wants to be successful. A real man can work with someone he may not like because he respects him. They trust each other to do their best. A real man is everything a wimp is not. Wimp’s know this too. They will usually try to avoid real men.

In the last paragraph you can read part of my understanding of a godly man or a warrior. I will elaborate on that more in the near future. Hopefully I have given you something to think about. But there are some questions I would like to leave you with and hope you will come back next week to look over my thoughts and answers.

So are there Biblical examples of wimps? If so, are there examples of wimps changing and becoming warriors? Are there examples of a godly man helping a wimpy man become a warrior? What is involved in the change process? Or is it o.k. to be a wimp? You know, once a wimp, always a wimp. Or is that last statement a lie that the devil would like a wimp to believe? I invite you back next week for part 3.

Be encouraged,

Bill (fellow-laborer)

(Romans 15:13; Jeremiah 32:27)

Copyright: Bill Mazey

Five Movies Every Guy Should Watch

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I was listening to a sports radio program a week or so ago and they started talking about movies. The host mentioned a movie that every guy should watch. I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen clips of it on TV, but I haven’t watched Die Hard. But it did start me thinking about movies that every guy should watch. This was difficult to narrow down to 5 movies, so I have an honorable mention too. Maybe I’ll post that next week.

My top 5 are based on the fact that they move me in some way. There is something about them that holds my attention and makes me come back again. They’re that good. The top 5 could be interchangeable. I haven’t gotten bored with any of the top 5.

  1. Twilight Samurai – a black and white movie about a widowed warrior. He is taking care of his two little girls, his elderly mother and working a job that is below who he really is. People make fun of him and he carries himself well. He does not brag about his past victories. Then he is called upon to defeat a warrior and he is reluctant to go into a fight to the death. But he does and …………
  2. The Greatest Game Ever Played – loosely based on a true event. This is an inspiring and motivating movie. The game was played in the early 1900’s in Boston at an exclusive country club. The three finalists are all from humble backgrounds and families. Classism and prejudice are clearly seen. At the end when the caddy/hero is on the shoulders of the fans he reaches out and…..
  3. Air Force One – the president of the United States is kicking some terrorist butt! The president helps people get to safety and then stays to do some serious hands on good old fashioned butt whuppin. What’s not to like. If only………..
  4. My Side of the Mountain – a movie from my youth about a boy who lives in the big city and runs away from home to live in the woods. He hollows out a dead tree, learns to live off the land and takes care of himself. I think I read the book when I was in the sixth grade. This story is all about the adventure, the exploring and………..
  5. Pork Chop Hill – the old black and white war movie. It’s all about the bravery, sacrifice and heroism. These men chose to fight. They obeyed orders even though it did not make sense at the time. This movie is good. It makes you feel patriotic and ………

This is my list and I own a copy of each movie. What would be on your list of 5 movies every guy should watch. Why? Have some fun and watch a good movie. But not today or this weekend! Go out on a date with your wife or girlfriend and enjoy her company. Invest some quality time in your relationship. That will be more rewarding than watching a good movie. The movies will always be there for another day. Have some fun this weekend.

Bill  (Romans 15:13)


There will be a new Book Review on Monday or Tuesday, The Power of Mentoring, Shaping People Who Will Shape the Future by Martin Sanders. I started to read it quickly and found I had to go back and read it slowly. I underlined and wrote notes in the margins. I am surprised I had never heard of this book before. I hope you come back and look for the review. Thanks and a shout out to the publisher for sending it to me.

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