Five Movies Every Guy Should Watch

February 13, 2010 at 8:04 am | Posted in men, movies | 2 Comments
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I was listening to a sports radio program a week or so ago and they started talking about movies. The host mentioned a movie that every guy should watch. I haven’t seen it. I’ve seen clips of it on TV, but I haven’t watched Die Hard. But it did start me thinking about movies that every guy should watch. This was difficult to narrow down to 5 movies, so I have an honorable mention too. Maybe I’ll post that next week.

My top 5 are based on the fact that they move me in some way. There is something about them that holds my attention and makes me come back again. They’re that good. The top 5 could be interchangeable. I haven’t gotten bored with any of the top 5.

  1. Twilight Samurai – a black and white movie about a widowed warrior. He is taking care of his two little girls, his elderly mother and working a job that is below who he really is. People make fun of him and he carries himself well. He does not brag about his past victories. Then he is called upon to defeat a warrior and he is reluctant to go into a fight to the death. But he does and …………
  2. The Greatest Game Ever Played – loosely based on a true event. This is an inspiring and motivating movie. The game was played in the early 1900’s in Boston at an exclusive country club. The three finalists are all from humble backgrounds and families. Classism and prejudice are clearly seen. At the end when the caddy/hero is on the shoulders of the fans he reaches out and…..
  3. Air Force One – the president of the United States is kicking some terrorist butt! The president helps people get to safety and then stays to do some serious hands on good old fashioned butt whuppin. What’s not to like. If only………..
  4. My Side of the Mountain – a movie from my youth about a boy who lives in the big city and runs away from home to live in the woods. He hollows out a dead tree, learns to live off the land and takes care of himself. I think I read the book when I was in the sixth grade. This story is all about the adventure, the exploring and………..
  5. Pork Chop Hill – the old black and white war movie. It’s all about the bravery, sacrifice and heroism. These men chose to fight. They obeyed orders even though it did not make sense at the time. This movie is good. It makes you feel patriotic and ………

This is my list and I own a copy of each movie. What would be on your list of 5 movies every guy should watch. Why? Have some fun and watch a good movie. But not today or this weekend! Go out on a date with your wife or girlfriend and enjoy her company. Invest some quality time in your relationship. That will be more rewarding than watching a good movie. The movies will always be there for another day. Have some fun this weekend.

Bill  (Romans 15:13)


There will be a new Book Review on Monday or Tuesday, The Power of Mentoring, Shaping People Who Will Shape the Future by Martin Sanders. I started to read it quickly and found I had to go back and read it slowly. I underlined and wrote notes in the margins. I am surprised I had never heard of this book before. I hope you come back and look for the review. Thanks and a shout out to the publisher for sending it to me.


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  1. I loved the book My Side Of The Mountain growing up. I think I read it at least twice and tried to build something so that I could live in the woods behind myself. I’ll have to check out that movie soon.

    • Hey Mike:
      I still have the original paperback book I read when I was a kid. I have the movie on vhs tape, it is a little different than the book, but still fun to watch.
      I think most men when they were boys wanted to be able to explore and survive the wilderness. To feel the adventure and excitement. It is probably why I like watching some of those survival shows on Discovery.

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