Coffee Review – Mystic Monk Coffee Fair Trade Organic Mexican Decaf

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As we get older my wife and I seem to be on the lookout for good decaf coffee. Sometimes we like the taste of a good cup of coffee in the late afternoon or early evening, we just don’t want the caffeine. You may be able to relate, if not now, later. We like the taste of coffee, but sometimes the taste of decaf just doesn’t cut it.

But we just found a really good decaf from Mystic Monk Coffee ( in Powell, Wyoming. They roast and offer a good selection of coffees. The last few days we tried their Fair Trade Organic Decaffeinated Mexican. They use a natural Swiss water decaffeination process. This coffee is described as a balanced, medium bodied coffee with mild chocolate, nutty notes, and a pleasing brightness and finish. There is also a subtle citrus finish to the taste of the coffee.

First up was the auto-drip brew. The kitchen window was open as I brewed the coffee and my wife was outside and said she could smell the aroma coming out of the window. The aroma is good from the minute you grind these beans. It does have a nutty aroma and it does have a fuller body than we expected. We were looking forward to the next two brewing methods because this one tasted so good.

Next up was the French Press. Again we were struck with the aroma of the beans in the grinder. Since we are somewhat new to coffee reviewing we still look forward to using the French Press and experiencing the taste that comes from it. Of course it was a little stronger and left a slight tingly aftertaste when you swallowed. The body was fuller than our previous brew. Two thumbs up again.

We saved the Chemex ( brew for our last taste. This makes such a clean tasting cup of coffee. The taste and body are different than the French Press. Here you could taste the chocolate and nuttiness in the coffee. The body of the coffee was fuller than we expected from a medium, but not too heavy on your tongue. We both thought this was our favorite way to brew and drink this roast of Mexican Decaf from Mystic Monk Coffee (

We usually use these three brewing methods over a three day period. With each brewing method we make two cups, drink it and talk with each other about it. We talk about what we liked or didn’t like and what we tasted and how it felt in our mouths. We also talk about the aroma or lack of aroma. We give two thumbs up to each method of brewing this Mexican Decaf. We reviewed another decaf on this blog and we would have to say this Mystic Monk Coffee Fair Trade Mexican Decaf makes one great cup of coffee! If you are looking for a good medium roast decaf, give this one a try.

We received this coffee for free and we have given objective feedback.

GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

(Romans 15:13; Psalm 5:11-12)

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