Coffee Review: Stauf’s Kenya AA Lenana

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We enjoy drinking coffee with friends and getting to know one another better.  We try to share all of the coffee we receive for reviewing with friends and co-workers. Sometimes we have friends over to drink coffee with and sometimes we give beans to them so they can brew it at home. We ask them to tell us how they liked the coffee after they have had it. So it was good to be able to have some friends over to share this Kenya AA Lenana from Stauf’s (

The Stauf’s Kenya AA Lenana  is described as having a uniquely clean finish with the taste and aroma of blueberries and tobacco. It has a medium-light body and a crisp acidity. It came as a whole bean full city roast. It is named after one of the three peaks of Mount Kenya and is grown at altitudes of 4500 feet and above. We all thought the aroma in the bag was pretty good, a mix of fruit and smoke. We were looking forward to brewing it.

We had two groups of friends over at different times and the first brewer choice for each was the Chemex coffee maker because they had never tried coffee brewed that way before. Two even drank their coffee black because they wanted to try a new coffee drinking experience. We thought it had a somewhat sweet, fruitlike flavor. It has a light body and a mildly crisp acidity with a good aftertaste. It went well with the fruit-topped cake we had for desert.

Next we tried the French Press which seems to be the most common brewer that people get after the auto-drip. Here the aroma and flavor were stronger, but acidity is still mild. The body seemed more medium here, just a little bit heavier. Another sugar and cream user drank his cup black and enjoyed it. This is really an enjoyable cup of coffee in the press.

Most of our friends just brew coffee in an auto-drip and they don’t own a grinder. So we help them learn about grinding whole beans, different brewing methods and fresh roasted coffee. Usually they are surprised at how good fresh roasted coffee tastes, even the ones that think that “coffee is coffee.” It is funny to see the smile on their faces when they take that first sip of freshly ground and brewed coffee. From the auto-drip this Kenyan has a mild, naturally sweet flavor. The flavor doesn’t seem to last long in your mouth, but it is a good cup of coffee.

If you would like to try a good mild coffee, this Kenya AA Lenana from Stauf’s might be the one for you. We enjoyed good coffee, good food and good conversation. It was a good coffee brewing and drinking experience. We received this coffee for free and offer objective feedback. Until next time remember to stop and enjoy the coffee and conversation.

Much GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

Romans 15:13; Psalm 34:1-10

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  1. It’s great to hear you teaching them how to use a grinder, the different brewing methods and what not. I need to do that more often with my friends.

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