Book Review: The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook

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Book Review by Kim Mazey

Currie, Robin. The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook. Colorado Springs, CO: David C. Cook. 2008. 32 pp.

 Basaluzzo, Constanza. Illustrator

The Baby Bible Christmas Storybook is one book in a series of books written for children ages birth to three years old.  It is the first one I read in this series.  Its sturdy construction and compact size (5 1/8” x 6 ¾” x1 1/8”) make it easy for little hands to hold and carry. The illustrations are simple and colorful making them appealing to children.

The Biblical Christmas story is divided into thirteen chapters. The fourteenth chapter portrays a modern day Christmas celebration. Each chapter is two pages; one containing an illustration and the other containing a title, scripture reference, four simple sentences that tell the story, action idea for each sentence and a basic prayer. 

The book can be easily propped up or set on your lap while you read it and do the actions for one or a group of children. The prayers are varied from thanksgiving to God, prayers for self and for others. They assist children in talking to their heavenly Father in everyday language.

Children and adults should enjoy this book. Teachers, parents and grandparents should find this book useful in telling the Biblical Christmas story to young and active children.

I received a free copy of this book from and offer objective feedback for this review. 

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