Coffee Review: Cafe Volio Costa Rican

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While on vacation recently Kim and I went to the West Side Market in Cleveland Ohio. We had a very good time. If you like farmers markets you would love this place. There are a lot of vendors and a lot of good food to try. Even if you are not familiar with Cleveland or urban driving the market is easy to get to. It is well worth a side trip.

One of the vendors we found tucked in among the produce was Volio Coffee ( This spot is a hidden gem and is the only coffee among the produce vendors. They only roast and sell Costa Rican coffee. You can purchase whole bean or ground. While you talk with their representative you can enjoy a free cup of fresh made coffee too! We will be brewing and reviewing that style of coffee later, but let me tell you it was………

When we got home Kim wanted to try their light roast coffee first. It is 100% Costa Rican Arabica Coffee. The aroma coming from the auto-drip was good.  It spread throughout the kitchen and nearby rooms. The coffee had a bright, tart, citrus like taste. It was a little acidic but smooth with a light body. This coffee gets your attention in a good way.

Next up was the Chemex coffee maker and here the tartness was evened out. The citrus undertones are more pronounced and we thought it could almost make you pucker. The aftertaste lingers toward the back of the roof of the mouth. I made a little extra to try when it cooled down because we wanted to taste the flavor profile. Both of us thought this Costa Rican light roast would make an excellent cold or iced coffee.

Finally we used the French Press and the body seems fuller here. There is a natural sweetness and a good roast flavor. There is a touch of citrus and slight tartness. Kim thought this brew tasted good with both lemon curd and almonds. I don’t normally drink light roasts, but I was glad we tried this one. It has a good flavor and is one we would drink again.

If you like light roasts or want to try one for the first time we suggest you give this one a try. We don’t think you will be disappointed. We received this coffee for free and offer objective feedback. Until next time remember to stop and enjoy the coffee and conversations.

Much GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

Romans 15:13; Psalm 34:1-10


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