Coffee Review: Buddy Brew Coffee’s Brazil Cerrado

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Kim and I received this coffee recently for brewing and reviewing purposes and man, is there a good aroma coming out of the bag! We were looking forward to brewing this coffee. There is a picture of a dog on the label and we found that kind of humorous because my father in-law has a black lab named Buddy. When we visit my father in-law and I grind coffee beans Buddy likes to come in the kitchen and smell the beans.

This Brazil Cerrado from Buddy Brew Coffee ( is a full city roast. They also put the roast date on the bag and we appreciate that. We wish more roasters did that. The aroma is kind of nutty and chocolaty with a little smokiness. Once brewed in the auto-drip the aroma is milder. The coffee has a nice taste that fills the mouth. The flavor is kind of sweet and chocolate. Kim thought it paired really well with chocolate and almonds.

Brewed in the Chemex coffee maker the aroma is somewhat sweet and smoky. There seems to be a more even feel to the coffee. It almost seems bright on the tip of the tongue. Kim thought it paired good to very good with both lemon and cinnamon. This is a good cup of coffee.

The French Press brew was very enjoyable. The body of the coffee is fuller and heavier. The flavors are more pronounced and they seemed to last a good long time. The nutty and chocolate flavors come out better. The more we drank this coffee the more we liked it. There is even a hint of smoke but not too much.

I also tried this Brazil Cerrado in the Clever Coffee Dripper and thought I detected a bit of citrus. This coffee has a low acidity and just a good deep flavor. The mixture of deep chocolate and nut stand out. If you like Brazilian coffees or you would like to try one, we encourage you to try this Brazil Cerrado from Buddy Brew Coffee.

This coffee kind of sneaks up on you and you find yourself simply enjoying a good cup of coffee. The more we drank it the more we liked it. We have a couple of friends who are looking forward to trying this Brazil Cerrado. I’ll have to save some to take back for the next time we visit my father in-law. I’m sure him and Buddy will enjoy it! We received this coffee for free and offer objective feedback. Until next time remember to stop and enjoy the coffee and conversations.

Much GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

Romans 15:13; Psalm 34:1-10

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