Book Review of A Well-Ordered Church

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Boekestein, William and Daniel R. Hyde. A Well-Ordered Church: Laying a Foundation for a Vibrant Church. EP Books: Grand Rapids, MI, 2015.

Here is a book on ecclesiology or the doctrine of the Church that should be on every pastor’s shelf. It is easy to read and understand. The authors hold a high view of the importance of the Church. They write from a reformed position, but readers from a different position should still find the work helpful.

This is how the book breaks down. An introduction followed by Part One: Identity. This chapter deals with the “The Church’s Relation to Christ.” Part Two: Authority has two chapters of study. They are, “Not Human Preference but Divine Revelation” and “Christ Ministers Through Officers.”

Part Three: Ecumenicity has two chapters also. They are “Within a Denomination” and “Outside a Denomination.” This is followed by the longest section, Part Four: Activity. There are seven chapters in this section. This is followed by an conclusion.

There is an afterword and an appendix to present the reformed church government. The bibliography will give the reader some more titles to look for and read. One of the drawbacks of the book is the use of endnotes instead of footnotes. There are some review questions for further study and titles for suggested reading at the end of each chapter.

This book could be used with a church board to help them grow in their understanding of the church. If you are not from a reformed background you will have to explain some things but that should not hinder the use of this book to help leaders grow. This text could also be used as supplemental reading for a class in ecclesiology.

I would highly recommend this book to pastors. It would surely help those who are discouraged or going through a difficult time. The authors have a high view of Christ and His Church. They present the Word and teach it with clarity. I could see some very good discussion in a small group studying what this book presents.

I received this book for review purposes without charge from

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