Five Golf Courses You Should Try To Play

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Being from the north I basically like the weather here. When a couple of inches of snow comes down, schools get closed and people rush to the store to buy bread and milk. It is truly cross-cultural living. The winter weather and lack of snow really make me like not having snow. Plus, you can almost golf year round here.

I called my youngest son (who also plays golf) the other day and told him if the ground wasn’t so wet, today would be a great day to go golfing. I miss golfing with him and a couple of my friends who live on the east coast. When I was walking this morning I laughed out loud as I thought of how one of my friend’s errant shots almost had to be surgically removed from a certain part of my body! It is not a pretty thought, but it is funny! The third friend’s comment was priceless. Guys have fun like that.

Where else can you joke and kid about pantyhose being too tight and affecting the back swing? Or looking at another guy and telling him, “you got to hit the ball, Alice.” And no one takes it the wrong way. Where else can you decide to play by the rules and penalize yourself even if your partners didn’t see the infraction? On a golf course. I don’t love golf as much as I just like to play it with some friends. To me, it’s about the interaction and friendship and hanging with your friends. So here are five courses you should try to play if you get the chance.

  1. St. Johnsbury Country Club in Vermont. My youngest son and I played the back nine. I made the mistake of deciding to walk it. I had my cart bag with me that day too. Our first tee shot was straight up a big hill. There were so many steep hills and it was so difficult to walk that even I realized I made a mistake by not getting a cart. I would play it again, but with a cart.
  2. Ballymeade Country Club in North Falmouth, MA. When you consider the price, the condition of the course, the location and the number of good restaurant nearby; this was probably the best course I have played. It was a great experience. I’ve played there twice and I think I won once. Yes, even when with friends, you play the game to win.
  3. The Links at Outlook in South Berwick, ME. I drove up there with a friend to play 18. It was a tough course, especially with the wetlands and the way the wind blew. Some of the views were spectacular. Add the nearby seafood restaurants (is there any better seafood then the coast of Maine?), the golf, the price, fellowship and I would definitely play there again. It was well worth the drive up there.
  4. Rockland Country Club in Rockland County, NY. I think this is where we played our first scramble. The course, the country club, the food, the giveaways, all together it was well worth the time and money. It was a truly enjoyable time. Plus I got to meet and talk with Andre Thornton, I’m an Indians fan.
  5. Tot Hill Farm in Asheboro, NC. Honestly and literally, this was the toughest course I have ever played. There were times I really didn’t like being out there. Some of the greens and hole placements should be illegal. My memories of root canal aren’t as painful as playing this course. So why is it on the list? Because I was playing with a very good, old friend and my youngest son. I’d probably play it again because it would mean I’m in NC enjoying great bbq, good golf and time with old friends. Plus my wife would tell you if there is an easy way and a hard way, she knows which way I’ll choose.

It was hard to pick these five courses so sometime in the future I’ll have five more courses you should play. Get some friends together and go play golf. When you are waiting to tee off somewhere kind of warm in January or February, call one of your friends who is snowed in and let him know where you are. He’ll thank you for it. Here’s a shout out to L.M., K.H., D.L., and L.R. I’ve enjoyed the time on the courses with you and am looking forward to more. God bless you guys.

Have some fun this weekend,


(Romans 15:13; 2 Peter 3:18; Psalm 5:11-12)

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