Coffee Review – Higher Ground Roasters, Mexican Chiapas

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We tried coffee from Higher Ground ( once before when we visited The Hub Coffee Shop. We were looking forward to brewing and tasting this Mexican Chiapas. It is grown in the Sierra Madre mountain range. It is described as being a complex and balanced cup with overtones of spices and fruit. It has a light to medium body with mild acidity. It is a Fair Trade organic coffee also.

We don’t usually drink light roasts but I was immediately impressed with the aroma when I opened the bag. I was reminded of peanut butter. It has a very nutty aroma which seemed to be enhanced after it was ground. The auto-drip was up for use first and this light coffee gives off a good aroma. It does have a sweet, bright taste which hits the tip of your tongue and then moves over the tongue. The body is light and the taste is good. Two thumbs up.

The next brewer we used was the French Press. Both of us liked the mildly stronger taste here. The body is still light and there seemed to be a tangy aftertaste. For breakfast Kim had organic Jewish Rye bread toasted with peanut butter and orange marmalade. She thought the rye flavor, nuttiness and citrus sweetness were enhanced by the coffee. I just thought it tasted good. Two thumbs up again.

Then we brewed the Chiapas in the Chemex coffeemaker. I must say I like the smell of these beans. I like peanut butter and that is what the aroma reminds me of. It seems when we use the Chemex that I talk about what a clean cup of coffee we get. The body is light and the taste is slightly nutty and sweet. No sweetener or cream is needed with this coffee. Two thumbs up.

Then Kim tried the coffee brewed in an AeroPress brewer. All the flavors we liked were there and the coffee was much stronger and not bitter at all. She thought it paired nicely with an Asian dish she made and that it made the pickled radish stand out.

Overall we were surprised at how much we liked this light roast Mexican Chiapas. We tend to go for darker roasts but the aroma, taste and feel of this coffee makes for a good tasting experience. If you like light roasts or want to try one you can’t go wrong here. We recieved this coffee for free and offer objective feedback. Remember to stop and enjoy some coffee and conversation.

Much GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

Romans 15:13; Psalm 34:1-10

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