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Rediscovering Discipleship

Book Review of

Gallaty, Robby. Rediscovering Discipleship. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan. 2015, 238 pp.

Here is a book about a subject that has been around longer than most of us realize. Most Christians have heard about discipleship. The problem is they may have never been discipled. This book can help Christians know what discipleship is; where it comes from; and get practical ideas on how to get this ministry going in their lives and churches.

Two main sections and thirteen chapters comprise the body of the book. The author uses endnotes instead of footnotes. I was surprised at the number of references in a book on this subject. A lot of research went into this book. It is not just a testimonial on how discipleship has helped the author.

The first section, “Know the Man Before You Go On Mission” gives the reader background information on discipleship. We learn how making disciples was practiced, developed and was forgotten over time. This is an interesting section that pastors and church leaders will benefit from reading.

The second section, “The Method of Making Disciples” helps the reader with practical advice and examples. While moving through this section I hope most readers will be thinking that they can do this. There is no guilt here for those not involved in making disciples. But there is plenty of encouragement and motivation to not only be a disciple but to make disciples.

This is an easy book to read and come away with feeling good about making disciples. It is well worth the time for pastors, leaders and teachers to read and practice. A Biblical ministry method is laid out for the readers to learn and apply. The practice of making disciples will revolutionize any church.

I received this book for free from for review purposes. I was not required to give a favorable review.

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