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Evangelicals Adrift

Ferris, Matthew E. Evangelicals Adrift: Supplanting Scripture with Sacramentalism. published by Great Writing; 2015, 248pp.

This is a challenging book to read, not simply because of its subject but also because of the research compiled within its pages. There are multiple citations from different scholarly works. I truly appreciate the use of footnotes instead of endnotes. This makes my reading and checking quotations easier.

The author presents a high view of Scripture over and above tradition or creeds. He does not bash Catholics or those who hold to a high view of sacramentalism. He simply presents these views in the light of Scripture.

The author presents the views of many people from different times in history. He asks that the reader look at these views in the light of Scripture. Famous people from Church history are quoted and the views they hold are looked into through the lens of Scripture.

There are ten chapters, an index of modern authors, a bibliography and a subject index. Almost every page contains footnotes. This is a book that could be used as a reference tool for further study. This book is not one sided in its approach because the author admits that “the book is not an apology for Protestantism” (p. 24).

Personally, I appreciate the work that Matthew Ferris has done for this book. I learned a lot that I did not previously know or paid attention too. In the future I can see this work being an interesting reference work to consult. I wish we examined every tradition, creed or sacrament in the light of Scripture.

This book is not for everyone, but if you want to read an in depth study of sacramentalism in the light of Scripture it will be worth your time and money.

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