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My wife and I recently stayed in Nanuet, NY while visiting our youngest son. Before going I went online to find coffee shops, especially those that roasted their own beans. Let me say that the pickings were slim. One I found that looked interesting was in Tarrytown, but it was across the Tappen Zee Bridge on the east side of the Hudson River. Having been in and through this area a few times I did not look forward to going across the bridge and fighting traffic. But my son thought his mom and I would like it and that traffic wouldn’t be that bad and he would drive. How could I resist?

So we went to Coffee Labs Roasters ( 7 Main St. Tarrytown, NY and are we glad we did! We got there around noon on a Friday and we had to look for a parking place. When we found one we had to walk up the street a few blocks and we enjoyed looking at all the shops. You could smell the roasted coffee outside the shop and we were looking forward to going in. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They answered all of our questions concerning their coffee. We purchased two House Blends and one Peruvian decaf. We took pictures too.

The House Blend is a full city roast and has a nice aroma, smooth taste and nice feel in your mouth. I drank mine black and really enjoyed it. My son is not the coffee drinker that me and Kim are so he put cream and sugar in his and said he liked it. Kim really liked the decaf which is a full city to full city plus roast. She drank hers black and said it had a very good taste, almost a sweet flavor and slightly acidic.

They also have a Kyoto style drip brewer in the shop. I have seen them online but had never seen one in a coffee shop before. It cold brews coffee at about 2 drips per second and takes roughly 18 hours to brew 25 cups. They let us sample an Espresso Roast (our favorite) and their Witches Brew (it had an interesting flavor). I’m not really a cold coffee drinker but if you are I suggest you try it.

The head roaster is Kurt and he really understands coffee beans and roasting. The coffees we tried were very good. If you are in the area you should make the time and effort to go to Coffee Labs Roasters (,  you will be glad you did. We will return the next time we are in the area.

We left with three bags of coffee to brew at home, drink and review. As we were heading back west over the bridge I wanted to open the bags and smell the beans. I opened the first one, smelled the beans and was handing the bag back to my wife when my son said, “man that coffee smells good!” That was the Brazilian Decaf. Enough for now, come back in a few days to read our first review of the Coffee Labs Roasters coffee.

Much GRACE and peace to you,

Bill and Kim

Romans 15:13; Psalm 138:1-3

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